About Nina Maxim and her art

Nina MaximArt is communication. It is visual representation of the feelings, emotions and beliefs. It is a legacy that stays long after the artist is gone. Art is life. Art is love. Art is happiness, for both, the creator and the beholder.

Nina Maxim is an aspiring artist who paints in oils, acrylics and watercolour from her studio on the island of Cyprus. She grew up in colourful Latin America, later on moving to the vibrant South Africa where she started her art career with mosaics.

Nina’s paintings include amazing effects of light, shadow, colour and the natural beauty that she sees in everyday items. Full of stories, memories, vintage flair and a variety of motives, her paintings are not limited to one style, but rather an extensive mixture of experiences and passion.


Through her work, viewers enjoy the opportunity to see a different angle to all those things we are used to seeing regularly suddenly take on a new light, an transformed tale and a fresh perspective.


Nina reveals her passion for retro life, plain air panting, textures, graphics, watercolour’s flowing nature and of course, glass-tile mosaics. All by transporting the viewer to distant lands that have gone unseen and undisturbed on her canvases. Nina’s passion for painting is fuelled by his fascination with and close observation of life’s sublime beauty and moods. Her paintings speak for themselves ~ elegant and mysterious, exciting and bold, every one of them captures a feeling, a sense of place, and the magic of light.


In 2016, Nina began painting professionally and in 2018 was discovered by a gallery in Paphos, the Art&Shock Gallery. Since then, her paintings have been regularly participating in shows and exhibitions and many of her works have found new homes in collections all over the world.


In Nina Maxim’s artwork, each painting is a vivid manifestation of his personal relationship with life and colours.. Through her mastery of light, colour, and artful composition, Nina invites viewers to experience life in its purity from the comfort of their homes and offices.


You can join this exclusive group of collectors with the purchase of an original canvas painted in oil, acrylic, watercolour or mosaic by Nina Maxim. View a gallery of her paintings here or follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates, new works and upcoming exhibitions.


“Art must bring happiness”, that is the philosophy by which Nina gauges her works. Her art inherently carries a piece of her, her character, her faith and her life.

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